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L2Sky Special features and good enchant rates!


Server Rank: 19

Chronicle: Interlude

Server ID: 665

Votes: 15


Start: 15.07.21 at 18:00


Exp: x500

SP: x500

Adena: x1000

Drop: x1000

Safe Enchant: +5

Max Enchant: +35

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Server opening history

Game server Chronicle Rates Opening Interlude x500 15.07.2021

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l2sky • Posted on 10 June 2022, 13:41

server starting today 10-06-22 17:00h UTC +2


l2sky • Posted on 3 June 2022, 22:19

We want to announce about new season after 10 months of server being online its time for new season please join us in our discord to leave your suggestions for the new season :) server starting date 10-06-22 17:00h UTC +2 © 2009—2022