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Valhalla Age — Gracia Final Cadmus The revival of a timeless classic January 13, 2023 at 20:00 Moscow time


Server Rank: 225

Chronicle: Gracia Final

Server ID: 37

Votes: 0

Website: https://valhalla-age

Start: 13.01.23 at 15:17


Exp: x2

SP: x2

Adena: x2

Drop: x1

Safe Enchant: +1

Max Enchant: +1

Vote History:

Server opening history

Game server Chronicle Rates Opening
valhalla-age Gracia Final x2 13.01.2023
valhalla-essence Essence x2 08.07.2022 Classic GVE 03.06.2022
valhalla-age Interlude x1 11.03.2022

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oROCKETo • Posted on 15 October 2022, 23:16

they banned your acc for silly reasons, they don't give proof you broke the rules and they don't admit they did it wrong © 2009—2023