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interlude-online.ru - Lineage 2 server Interlude

Interlude-Online GVE

interlude-online.ru Server Opening - 18 June Server Opening - 18 June

Видео interlude-online.ru


Позиция в рейтинге: 700

Хроники: Interlude

Server ID: 615

Голоса: 0

Сайт: https://interlude-online

Открытие: 18.06.23 в 20:43


Exp: GVE


Adena: GVE

Drop: GVE

Безопасная заточка: +1

Макс. заточка: +1

История голосования:

История открытий серверов

Игровой сервер Хроники Рейты Открытие
interlude-online Interlude GVE 18.06.2023

Отзывы о проекте


statyk7 • Опубликовано 25 марта 2023, 15:38

Took 15.000 rubles. In 2-3 months vypus - donate again. That's the whole point of GVE. Mods interesting, but you do vyp so return to the balance when you vyp that was invested not in 2 months of the game, and in the project! In short - better donate guys where it is appreciated and there are no fucking vipes. Disappointed greatly. And I am silent that 2 days after the start of the server began to DDoS, protection can not cope, admins do not fix anything. Sorry - I'm lying, corrected. Now I can not go at all, neither me nor my friends, hang on the login window. The answer from the admin - use a VPN. Are you serious? This is your server, and your problem that thousands of people are sitting in an invisible queue to enter the game! In short, me and my clan of donaters go.

Stavlyu 2 stars - only for the interesting mod and a good online. Do not recommend that you waste your time.

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