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AWAKEMU.COM - Servidor Mu Online Season 15

Awake MU We are pleased to announce that the opening date of Awake MU server X500 is going to be on October 4!


Posição no ranking: 898

Versão: Season 15

Server ID: 690

Votos: 0


Abertura: 04.10.22 в 12:35


Exp: x500

SP: x1

Drop: x1

Enchant seguro: 1

Enchant Máximo: 1

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Servidor de jogos Versão Tarifas Abertura Season 15 x500 04.10.2022 Season 15 x150 11.08.2022 Season 15 x25 21.07.2022 Season 15 x9999 31.05.2022

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falqtzyk • Publicado 17 dezembro 2021, 12:40

Dissapointed ! They don't have respect for players. Their server are on for 1 month and then they shut down for different reasons : no players ( even if are players on the server), they move to another host.. They open again in 1-3 months with characters reseted (everything is gone). It is a shame! © 2019—2022