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L2MAD.WS - IL X1200! - START 26 NOVEMBER! NEW! Interlude x1200. Grand Opening 26 November! Online 1500+ | 4.200$ for the best clans of the week! | JUST TRY!



Posição no ranking: 1

Versão: Interlude

Server ID: 1

Votos: 660


Abertura: 26.11.21 в 20:00


Exp: x1200

SP: x1200

Adena: x500

Drop: x1

Enchant seguro: +3

Enchant Máximo: +20

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Servidor de jogos Versão Tarifas Abertura Interlude x1200 26.11.2021 Interlude x10 15.10.2021 Interlude x100000 20.08.2021 Interlude x100 23.04.2021

Feedback sobre o projeto


SvarshikOlegh • Publicado 27 novembro 2021, 15:37

Okay thanks thanks for letting us play


SvarshikOlegh • Publicado 26 novembro 2021, 23:30

Very good morning thanks for letting me know


uucyc • Publicado 30 outubro 2021, 18:11

nice server, no problems


vtanke163 • Publicado 23 outubro 2021, 06:50

nice good server go game


Curupira • Publicado 15 setembro 2021, 21:14

Unbalanced server. 2 Classes for PVP, Mages and Dark elf archer. Titan for the bosses. Only that L2 MAD x100000


jmafranchini • Publicado 22 setembro 2021, 04:05

@Curupira, give me pvp with my dagger and go "To Village"


godoy013 • Publicado 25 agosto 2021, 06:59

ta topp muito bom esse serve tmj to jogano


Advio • Publicado 24 agosto 2021, 17:46

So nice server! Wanna recommend to all of you


A777MP • Publicado 22 agosto 2021, 21:41

Good server! Me adicionem la brasileiros


kadyrgang • Publicado 5 agosto 2021, 10:59

definitely cool server!!!


MrsBartolome • Publicado 29 julho 2021, 06:32

Hello dear administrator, i would like to explain my problem, i do not have clan hall because there was an error in the system in wich i lost the auction and it did not return my money. I could hope to help me thank you best regards. I am ATH3NA


MrsBartolome • Publicado 12 agosto 2021, 02:49

@MrsBartolome, problem SOLVED, GOOD server five stars *****


Top1k • Publicado 19 julho 2021, 17:56

Nice server, i'm like it!


Valentio • Publicado 17 junho 2021, 06:25

Servidor Ótimo, parabéns ADM! #Brasil :)


xiao • Publicado 25 maio 2021, 13:09

most server using scripts / adrenaline bot. I wouldn't say its donation heavy, but unless you're russian, use scripts and don't mind imbalanced classes with several bugs, alongside the admins not doing NOTHING against the botters because 'no proof' despite Several different clans of 50+ player saying the same sh1t for past years...then yeah, this server for you...otherwise look elsewhere.


FunnyBoy • Publicado 11 dezembro 2020, 22:22

Server on build 7 \ 10, long to describe not d all there is on forum(if admin not will delete subject), Admin stupidly not for that banit, if you have player with which you quarreled, he can you substitute in short The admin is enough that your nickname in the game is similar to the nickname on FunPay or the number of specified stakes on FunPay= the number of stakes you have in your inventory(and that and other information is easy to find out and substitute for example CLA clan that takes your epic)


ChiSao • Publicado 5 dezembro 2020, 23:39

Corrupted Server.Konstantine 1st clan of the server used Andrenaline,wall hacks and much more.


l2mad • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 00:16

@ChiSao, you have not provided any evidence of this if they kill your clan, this does not mean that they use prohibited programs

please provide any evidence of this


ChiSao • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 20:36

@L2Mad, look and skylord also have administration of l2mid 2009 on bnb networks. Go check the video and check the wall hacks. check them all and if you want we can send the video on expertized guys to check it. You are a corrupted admin and your russian mates plays on konstantine clan. Btw you ruin your own well made server.


l2mad • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 22:14

@ChiSao, this feature is available for all players and is in the clan patch. If you cannot kill another clans, we are not to blame. Your words do not matter until you provide proof. We do not give any of the clans any bonus, what is the essence of the problem? is that they are killing you?


ChiSao • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 23:42

@L2Mad, with your tone its seems that all the clan of konstantine is a gm clan.all the people will see the comment adn the facts on the server, and you get ruined. zaken time on video says a well played stay and play with your other gms mates.gtfomw


l2mad • Publicado 7 dezembro 2020, 00:17

@ChiSao, what facts? you have not provided a single fact, you are dying from another clan and you complain to me about it


illia • Publicado 11 dezembro 2020, 15:18

@L2Mad, I joined their clan, and i was on their voice chat. I personally heard how they ask money for using Adrenaline hack in their CP.


SSSisko • Publicado 5 dezembro 2020, 23:37

Classic russian server, full of scripts, full adrenaline, don't waste your time on this server. Admin acts like everything is fine. It's not, Blackilisted :)


l2mad • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 00:17

@SSSisko, you have not provided any evidence of this if they kill your clan, this does not mean that they use prohibited programs

please provide any evidence of this


ChiSao • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 20:32

@L2Mad, clan members of konstandine admit that they are using Adrenaline,we have print screen of 1hp that admits it. All you guys go check the full video of yesterday mass pvp. Iam waiting for your response guys. Russian supported clan gm. Gratz


l2mad • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 22:12

@ChiSao, you are now writing incomprehensible things, without any evidence, stop writing such nonsense first collect the facts, then write something


ChiSao • Publicado 6 dezembro 2020, 23:44

@L2Mad, the print screen on 1hp that he says that on working adrenaline it will be uploaded.


tris • Publicado 5 dezembro 2020, 22:47

most fail server!! full adrenaline and donate!


JisiQ • Publicado 21 junho 2020, 15:53

Server nice .... but admin must ban all f idiots who use interface...


Psychopath • Publicado 14 outubro 2020, 15:52

@JisiQ, Why is problem interface you stupid kid? Interface dont give you autofarm, or gun +100 etc. I lhate this kids how you.


crown • Publicado 22 abril 2020, 22:15

this top server


Edox • Publicado 17 abril 2020, 03:02

nice server!=) © 2019—2021