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l2kot.net - Lineage 2 server Interlude


l2kot.net Server Hard x1 Interlude will be opened on August 20th at 8 PM (MSK time)


Rango del servidor: 181

Versija: Interlude

Server ID: 288

Balsų: 0

Página web: https://l2kot.ru

Pradžia: 20.08.21 at 00:27


Exp: x1

SP: x1

Adena: x1

Drop: x1

Safe Enchant: +3

Max Enchant: +10

Balsavimo istorija:

Serverio atidarymo istorija

Žaidimo serveris Versija Įkainiai Atidarymas
l2kot.ru Interlude x1 20.08.2021
l2kot.net Interlude x7 05.06.2020

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tenkongchanchauro • Paskelbta 1 balandžio 2021, 23:35

Previous comment is a total boolshit! The server is very good and foreigns friendly. The main advantage I like - you can use any kind of bots


APOSHA • Paskelbta 9 liepos 2020, 17:21

So i will try to play here. Admin have shadow donate only for russians, 99% players - russians litle pigs. admin have baned all for all - PK, PVP, and if you try kill admins friends - you take ban too! Server have 20-30 players max! BAD server!

Admin scammer!

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