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l2bios.com - Lineage 2 server Interlude


l2bios.com PvP - Exp Server with NEW CLASSES and many features

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Rango del servidor: 706

Versija: Interlude

Server ID: 381

Balsų: 0

Página web: https://l2bios.com

Pradžia: 26.09.20 at 17:00


Exp: x4000

SP: x4000

Adena: x8000

Drop: x1

Safe Enchant: +5

Max Enchant: +25

Balsavimo istorija:

Serverio atidarymo istorija

Žaidimo serveris Versija Įkainiai Atidarymas
l2bios.com Interlude x4000 26.09.2020

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Nightfall • Paskelbta 6 spalio 2020, 12:34

Made a petition about what is happening in the events and that started a chain reaction on the chat. 2 people that should have been jailed didn't and the chain reaction was that after a single day they had S grade items where others didn't have them even after a week. Word is that they are buddies with you know who.

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