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lineage2knight.com - Lineage 2 server Epilogue

L2 Knight

lineage2knight.com - Reformed classes with completely reworked abilities! - New loot drop system. - New dungeon mechanics. - No SS or BSS.


Rango del servidor: 699

Versija: Epilogue

Server ID: 359

Balsų: 0

Página web: https://lineage2knight.com

Pradžia: 01.07.20 at 00:00


Exp: x3

SP: x3

Adena: x3

Drop: x3

Safe Enchant: +3

Max Enchant: +15

Balsavimo istorija:

Serverio atidarymo istorija

Žaidimo serveris Versija Įkainiai Atidarymas
lineage2knight.com Epilogue x3 01.07.2020

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Swompy • Paskelbta 4 rugsėjo 2020, 16:30

Yo! I been playing on this server for a couple of months. The server follows a retails look with custom new ides which acually works. Now the server is resecntly started and need higher population to truly work.

I highly recommend that you try this server and try to have fun ^^

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