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l2extreme.net - Lineage 2 server Interlude


l2extreme.net L2Extreme - Interlude x1000 •Massive PvP •Balanced Classes •Raid Bosses Battles •Epic Castle Sieges •Retail Olympiad Game

Vaizdo įrašas l2extreme.net


Rango del servidor: 964

Versija: Interlude

Server ID: 179

Balsų: 0

Página web: http://l2extreme.net

Pradžia: 14.08.21 at 20:00


Exp: x1000

SP: x1000

Adena: x1000

Drop: x1000

Safe Enchant: +4

Max Enchant: +16

Balsavimo istorija:

Serverio atidarymo istorija

Žaidimo serveris Versija Įkainiai Atidarymas
l2extreme.net Interlude x1000 14.08.2021

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margaretMirror • Paskelbta 19 liepos 2020, 19:32

Top server


Kasli • Paskelbta 28 balandžio 2020, 11:14

Not a good server. It died after 2 weeks and was wiped after 1 month, so DO NOT EVER DONATE on this server, you'll waste money for 1 month of gameplay :-)


Warning • Paskelbta 1 gegužės 2020, 03:33

@Kasli, You are wrong. Actually is the only custom pvp server with a lot of players. Server begin new season after 2-3 months. You will not find a pvp server nowdays without a wipe and without a new season. Is a longterm server and new seasons are necessary for new things. So everyone join and check the activity and then posts comments.


Kishas • Paskelbta 26 balandžio 2020, 19:44

Good server to have some fun 🙂👍


tranviet • Paskelbta 15 balandžio 2020, 19:14

Very good game


tromokratis • Paskelbta 11 balandžio 2020, 20:50

very nice server


Jh0An • Paskelbta 8 kovo 2020, 07:19

Exelente Server

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