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l2lightning.in - Lineage 2 server Homunculus

L2 Lightning

l2lightning.in Things that never seen before awaits you to L2 Lightning. SERVER IS MASTER CLASS CHAPTER 2


Rango del servidor: 711

Versija: Homunculus

Server ID: 1408

Balsų: 0

Página web: https://l2lightning.in

Pradžia: 01.11.22 at 19:18


Exp: x5000

SP: x5000

Adena: x1

Drop: x1

Safe Enchant: +3

Max Enchant: +30

Balsavimo istorija:

Serverio atidarymo istorija

Žaidimo serveris Versija Įkainiai Atidarymas
l2lightning.in Homunculus x5000 01.11.2022

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Savitar • Paskelbta 24 lapkričio 2022, 03:59

Really 1 of a kind server, The Admin has combined Past & Present Chronicles into Master Class 2. Unique items that probably are not existing anywhere else. As for the Admin Himself he is kind and quick responding to a request

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