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L2 Rose * Multiskill Hello to everyone and welcome to our server. Server Informations: -XP x0.5 -SP x0.5 -Drop x1


Server Rank: 412

Chronicle: High Five

Server ID: 1084

Votes: 0


Start: 07.12.21 at 18:06


Exp: x1

SP: x1

Adena: x1

Drop: x1

Safe Enchant: +4

Max Enchant: +60

Vote History:

Server opening history

Game server Chronicle Rates Opening High Five x1 07.12.2021

Reviews about project


BabaYga • Posted on 11 September 2022, 14:54

The admin is very fond of money, but his servers are disgusting... He does not want to play ... admins can prove to you that you are an idiot, but he is right about everything! I tried to play on 3 server openings, but with each opening was worse and worse ! even if you donate, admins can ban you because he did not like you ...


Satirist • Posted on 20 August 2022, 19:14

The server went down in the list of interesting ones, the admin ruined the entire farming system, to put on two options to play 24/7 or donate so much that it’s easier to open your own server! PAY TO WIN SERVER !!!!


raptor174377 • Posted on 12 August 2022, 23:58

Top multiskill server, admin is rly helpfull and answer very fast for all problems


geze • Posted on 30 June 2022, 06:06

Pay to win.. full of bug, when u reach the lvl,you cant learn the skill,say: you no meet the reqruiement for admin


Satirist • Posted on 2 April 2022, 12:37

The admin does nothing himself, all the time he waits until all the mistakes that he has done are corrected. The server is good and the idea is interesting, but the admin is only waiting for a donation!


lequang • Posted on 9 March 2022, 19:01

game hay va that hao hung nhieu item ratla


venomico • Posted on 27 January 2022, 22:52

İ am NAZİM and i played in this server and %101 Pay to Win guys ! if u have money and if ur stupid go pay and win like other stupid chikens ! gm hidding this from normal players but there is two npc's in GİRAN for buying items or booster premium and whatever u buying with money ! try and see !


BraveHearth • Posted on 2 January 2022, 12:57

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