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Posição no ranking: 812

Versão: Homunculus

Server ID: 132

Votos: 0


Abertura: 10.09.20 в 12:00


Exp: x1000

SP: x1000

Adena: x100

Drop: x1

Enchant seguro: +3

Enchant Máximo: +30

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Servidor de jogos Versão Tarifas Abertura Homunculus x1000 10.09.2020

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SKATA • Publicado 25 abril 2021, 14:20

GM Kayden is Rhea , leader of the clan Avengers that are really full of illegal boosts . Last week a player found with many class certificates on him thing that can never happen with any "bug" as they claim , since there is not such a bug . People there are racists , including him and are punishing people who dare to say the truth . Highly not recomended .


wassupitches • Publicado 18 abril 2021, 15:52

This server is ok but unfortunately has corrupted GMs helping one side and won't admit or stop doing it.


TheMostL2Player • Publicado 17 abril 2021, 16:57

Server is good but before you start playing there i will post my opinion. Rhea is Kayden (Kayden= Owns the server/GM). He and his friends avengers have created this server and they earn a lot of money. Rhea and avengers clan have extra items and extra skills in every character they play. If you check Rhea's post below "This Server Really Lively and Not Pay to win.. Good Job" this is EXACTLY how Kayden(GM) speaks in Discord. His English are very very bad, Rhea is hero and he never speaks in hero chat or normal/global chat. I played this server when it was still on beta and when i realized Rhea is Kayden (GM) he made a rule "no spread false rumors" and he instantly bans anyone who says that Kayden is a player and plays with avengers clan. Avengers clan had full set artifacts +10 from the first day when the server went live. Also, adrenaline works even if Kayden says no. Full avengers scripters going for pvp or oly and they change the gear and they use skills like crazy, interrupting all your celes etc. Venganza and Zyrumi from avengers are TOP abusers/cheaters of the game.

If you wanna play normally just to have fun go for it but if you want real competition like pvp or oly you need to spend more than $1K (including Fire Dragon Agathion which is the end game OP item) but remember every donate you do it goes to Rhea, known as [GM]Kayden. This is his server.


Greipa • Publicado 11 abril 2021, 04:30

Awesome Server, Great mechanics, very full all time


hahaha • Publicado 1 abril 2021, 12:21

This server is good. you can play any class and still OP if you know HOW TO PLAY OFC ! but becareful when u join clan. there is 2 BIG ally in this server. ive join some ally where OUR ALLY DOING RAIDBOSS but drop always taken by BIG CLAN. greedy? yes. this clan will talk bad thing about ally. also this clan will DETERMINED WHAT CLASS U HAVE TO PLAY. for example if EVERY Duelist Blunt is OP, every TYRR HAVE TO CHANGE TO DUELIST. if DB OP, every TYRR HAVE TO CHANGE TO DB. they also like to spread rumors about their competitor. like there is some magic in pray room that makes them STRONG. and there is 1 LEGEND GUY they AFRAID off. his name is Rhea - Nicknock. they even makes GM beg RHEA to share his secret to competitor because they will leave server if he is not. i like this server, but i loves the drama the most. because w/o drama, this server is not alive


ProL2 • Publicado 24 marzo 2021, 21:50

If you want to play pvp prepare your wallet for more than $1k donate otherwise you are nothing. Rhea from avengers clan who commented below and saying "server is not pay to win" it's fake. Rhea is friend with GM and all the CP have brooch +10 and gems lvl10 which is impossible to make them ingame. Create a tank or dagger the most op classes in the server as well as feoh and wynn and join avengers side and you will always win because avengers clan they use bugs and exploits for their advantage and GM is not banning them and GM even doesn't fix the OP classes because 90% of avengers clan play the broken chars. Rules say "no botting allowed" but adrenaline works 100% in olympiad,pvp,siege etc. If you are a donator or adrenaline user or join avengers side you will always win no matter what. PS: to all the haters out there, i am not with DA side i am just a neutral player who plays in this server since December 2020 and i see everything.


efesta • Publicado 20 marzo 2021, 01:48

server amazing nice balance, nice admin,


Kabouras • Publicado 10 marzo 2021, 03:46

After playing 3 months in this server, i have seen a lot, i did a lot and the problem is that GM gives items to his friends, there are 2 big allies in the server and one clan has items and extra passive skills, they never die, 3 parties are hitting one , ONE , enemy and he is immortal but GM will not do anything. If you say something to gm about this he will say you that your gear is low and he will ban you from discord and your game account. Do not waste your time in this server.

Oscar Krafty

Oscar Krafty • Publicado 4 marzo 2021, 19:43

If you want pvp you need minimum 1k$ donate .Then you can start at least have fun . no point even start if you you dont want donate


molensa • Publicado 27 febrero 2021, 04:18

GM is noob give ban without reason all day long...


DiMixMEEN • Publicado 3 febrero 2021, 07:56

Awesome Server no pressure to play =)


michael • Publicado 30 enero 2021, 06:55

awesome freaking server lots of ppl and not pay to win


BERSII • Publicado 27 enero 2021, 20:37

nice server


Kabouras • Publicado 19 enero 2021, 17:34

Server is good but there is a huge problem. You cannot farm in the daily areas (imperial tomb, storm isle, isle of souls etc). Even if you find a spot and no one is there, within 2 minutes a OP Wynn will come and start hiting your mobs and you lose everything. Furthermore, if you don't donate items from the beginning it will take time to farm everything for top gear, till then you cannot pvp at all. Tyrrs jumping on you hitting you for 700k dmg 1 shot instant


g4g • Publicado 27 diciembre 2020, 23:18

good just for fun farm generally unbalanced server , if you want to play typical just play a TYRR and you won , boosted af for pve/pvp , so many adrenalines but ok gm/admin need to change logic cuz TOP DONATORS kinda rule the srv and not gm/admin , but still good to have fun :)


Aleera • Publicado 13 noviembre 2020, 16:11

is awesome


ninina • Publicado 12 noviembre 2020, 20:49

very cool server good development but delay in greece at least like 5 sec...


iandoce123 • Publicado 4 noviembre 2020, 05:06

nice server!


Rhea • Publicado 19 septiembre 2020, 05:21

This Server Really Lively and Not Pay to win.. Good Job © 2019—2023