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Posição no ranking: 758

Versão: Classic

Server ID: 1159

Votos: 0


Abertura: 04.03.22 в 21:04


Exp: x1

SP: x1

Adena: x1

Drop: x1

Enchant seguro: +1

Enchant Máximo: +1

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Servidor de jogos Versão Tarifas Abertura Classic x1 04.03.2022

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l2pagma • Publicado 20 octubre 2022, 20:17

Halloween Event starts from 20.10.2022 to 06.11.2022. Enjoy your time.


l2pagma • Publicado 2 septiembre 2022, 11:13

L2Pagma Autumn Season will be up in 8h from 02.09.22 to 30.11.22.


l2pagma • Publicado 18 agosto 2022, 17:03

Still not sure where to play? We invite you for the new l2 server. The opening of the Autumn Season on 2nd September. You will not be disappointed !


l2pagma • Publicado 4 julio 2022, 23:46

Full Tutorial video has been prepared and added to our website. You can see the whole gameplay. Thank you for watching our video and have fun while playing on


l2pagma • Publicado 2 julio 2022, 12:28

L2Pagma Reboot CLASSIC (Seasonal) server will be opened in September. Check all information on the website. No bugs, friendly environment, good gameplay, clear client. Beta soon until September. Join and have fun.


l2pagma • Publicado 8 abril 2022, 11:42

Chapter 2 foreseen on 01.07.2022. Check out info on our website. - no bugs - clear rules - easy gameplay - a lot of entertainment comming soon Come, test and find your char build. All welcome.


l2pagma • Publicado 18 marzo 2022, 16:25

Live server Today 18.03.22 in a few hours, according to Countdown Timer on our website. All welcome.


l2pagma • Publicado 12 marzo 2022, 05:23

OBT still in progress. Come and check all options before live server.


l2pagma • Publicado 22 febrero 2022, 15:05

🕛 Beta Test 04.03.2022 🕛

If you have any questions, you can talk to us through chat on our website in Introduction tab. Work on the server is almost complete and quite a few days left until beta testing. I hope you will test all the options and Raid Bosses during these few days. We are constantly improving the gameplay to make it as enjoyable as possible. We placed on the map a new Epics Bosses like Lindvior, Valakas and also their jewelry to fight for something strong. The game will be flawless with modern settings and interesting features. © 2019—2022